Roibos for hotels
Increase your hotel profitability by connecting with travel operators directly
Smarter B2B distribution that helps you sell rooms at higher margins
Now you can offer your rooms to travel operators worldwide, choose the rates you want them to see, and save time on contracting and administration without giving up control of your business or paying high commissions.
Full Content Control
Operators have access to images and descriptions provided only by you and are automatically translated.
Effortless Connectivity
Only one contract and one mapping. No complex integrations or yearly agreements.
Big Savings on Commissions
Roibos eliminates the need for a long chain of intermediaries that drive profitability down.
Secured Payments
All your bookings in Roibos are secured via the travel operator's credit card.
Global Reach
Distribute to all markets of interest to your hotel on the fastest-growing B2B marketplace.
No Set Up Costs nor Maintenance Fees
A transparent model where you only pay based on success rate after the guest's arrival to your hotel.
Retake control of your distribution
Custom commissions for each agent
Your hotel, your rules. Build relationships for mutual benefit by easily adjusting each travel operator's commissions from your Agencies dashboard.
Implement your strategy
Achieve rate parity
Protect your agreements
Secure beneficial relationships
Register your hotel
Total control of your distributed rates
Now offering and closing rates for each reseller is easier than ever. With Roibos you decide who has access to each of your available rates and assign restrictions for each channel in just a few clicks.
No payment hassle
Roibos incorporates a clear and simple payment system to offer you peace of mind. At the time of booking each reservation generates a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) that you can credit before the guest's arrival to the hotel.
Register your hotel
Integrated with your channel manager
Start offering your rooms in minutes
Register your hotel in Roibos
Create your property, add some content and general contact information
Load your rates
Upload your rate plan via your Roibos Hotel Extranet or your Channel Manager
Go Live
Once mapping is completed, all distribution channels can instantly start offering your product
Some of the agencies you can connect with