Roibos for Travel Operators
Increase your offer and your sales by contracting thousands of hotels directly
Direct connectivity that will boost your business
Now you can instantly expand your portfolio of hotels, have access to the most profitable rates and simplify your daily operations without sacrificing your commission or depending on wholesalers.
Book directly
Have direct access to hotel inventory around the world and offer your clients the best rooms
Keep the Full Commission
Skip the intermediaries, obtain higher margins and all the commission from the hotel
Access Quality Hotel Content
Get access to high-quality photos, updated services, and automatically translated descriptions
Reduce your Administrative Costs
Eliminate payment hastles thanks to the use of Virtual Credit Card (VCC)
Streamline operations
No more manually mapping, loading content, and updating rates thanks to automated updates
Say Goodbye to Contracts
No need to sign yearly agreements with each hotel, one integration gives you access to the whole portfolio
Retake control of your hotel supply
Build your relationships with hoteliers
Roibos offers complete transparency by providing hotel contact information so you can work together to offer the best guest experience.
Better rooms and rates
No lost reservations
Ability to make special requests
Direct contact in case of changes
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Get access to rates that allow you to be competitive
Access dynamic rates such as: BAR, Package and Non-Refundable, as well as last-minute offers, and Early Booking Discount rates so you have the flexibility to adjust your product according to market conditions
Invite hotels and get benefits with the Amigos Program
Invite your directly contracted hotels to the Roibos marketplace and pay no fees for bookings. Roibos will look after the complete hotel Onboarding process and will ensure that the hotel maintains full optimal delivery of its content and rate plan.
Benefit from a significant reduction in contracting costs
Reduce your content and inventory loading and maintenance costs
Keep your inventory live, updated and dynamic in a more efficient manner
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Integrate with Roibos seamlessly
Roibos takes advantage of the best XML connectivity in the market to give you access to real-time availability and rates of a growing portfolio of hotels available for direct contracting. You will have at your disposal detailed documentation and first-class support to make your connection to Roibos quick and hassle free.
Some of the hotels you can connect with